Dennis Toeppen

Favorite online comment::
"downvoteyous - I find it a little hard to believe that increasing Dennis' free time will decrease Dennis-related drama."

My favorite quote/life advice, from my dad's close friend and fellow adventurer:
"If you come back from a trip without a good story, the trip was a failure."
The two of them met in a tree at Illinois Beach State Park during a game of hide and seek.

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An article about my mom which my detractors will hate Seems Relevant Video shot at Cathedral in the Desert Stereo photo of me at Cathedral in the Desert 4/3/19 Even Hollywood Knows U of I Sucks

Dennis Toeppen at Great Wall of China, 12/31/17

Dennis Toeppen Atop Grand Teton 7/31/2015

Dennis Toeppen Shopping for a car on Route 66 in 2010

Dennis Toeppen Waiting to board Concorde 2003

Dennis Toeppen After cycling from SEA to SFO in 1993

Some random items of importance to me: